.ar domain terms&conditions

Basic principles – General Rules
NIC Argentina is the acronym that, according to international practices, identifies the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, as the Argentine INTERNET Domain Manager.

NIC Argentina will carry out the registration of domain names applied for pursuant to the applicable rules, procedures, guidelines and terminological glossary.

These rules will enter into force as from publication in the Official Gazette, and any amendments incorporated will enter into force as from publication in the site that NIC Argentina owns in the INTERNET, and will apply to any pending application as well as to renewals pursuant to Article 5.

NIC Argentina will not accept applications to register domain names equal to other existing ones or which may be confused with government institutions or bodies or with International Organizations, except when applied for by such paraties themselves. The registration of domain names which are contrary to moral values and good customs will not be allowed.

Registration Rules
The registration of a specific domain name will be granted to the registering, i.e. natural or artificial person ("THE REGISTRANT") who first applies for it.

The registrant, or if registration is applied for by another natural or artificial person ("THE APPLICANT"), will state that they know and accept the applicable rules, procedures and guidelines of NIC Argentina, when filling in the electronic form in the NIC Argentina Web page.

In order to apply for registration of a domain name, the registrant must furnish the information requested for in the electronic form. The information supplied will be in the nature of a SWORN STATEMENT. Therefore, when filling in the electronic form, the registrant and/or applicant represents and warrants that, to the best of his/her knowledge and belief, all the information furnished in the registration application is true and accurate. NIC Argentina is empowered to refuse a domain registration application if it is found to contain false or wrong data.

.COM.AR, .NET.AR and .ORG.AR registrants must furnish the National Identity Document Number or the Tax Payer Number (CUIT or CUIL), in the case of natural persons. Artificial persons must provide the CUIT number. In the case of natural or artificial persons that are not residents of the Argentine Republic, they must provide the IP identity document number or the tax identification number of the country of residence.

The registration of a domain name will be valid for A one-year period as from the registration date and may be renewed. The renewal must be applied for within the last month the registration is in force. In the case the registrant does not apply for the renewal before such period expires, the domain name will be automatically eliminated.

When registering a new domain name, the registrant will furnish the particulars of any person to be contacted for administrative matters (Authorized Person). Such a person will then be authorized to any further transactions related to this domain name through the established means. The Registering Entity must promptly inform NIC Argentina if the Authorized Person is changed.

Domain names containing words, letters or distinguishing names which are used or must be used by the federal, provincial or local governments" may only be registered by the relevant public bodies. Names under "GOV.AR" will only be registered if they identify government bodies, whether federal, provincial or municipal, and may not be used to identify bodies which are not under the jurisdiction of the Executive, Legislative or Judiciary branches. In the case of government bodies, the name to be registered must enable quick and unequivocal identification of the body which applies for the domain name in order to avoid any confusion with other government departments having similar names. The application may be finally accepted when the competent authority of the registrant body sends to NIC Argentina an official letter, in headed paper of the registering body, signed by the officer in charge, representing the relevant domain name applied for such body.

NIC Argentina will not act as mediator or arbitrator, or in any way take part in disputes which may arise between the registrants and/or applicants and/or third parties in connection with the registration or use of a domain name.

The registrant be solely responsible for any consequences that may arise for itself or third parties in connection with the choice of its domain name. If the registration has already been applied for by a natural or artificial person other than the registrant, such person (the APPLICANT) will be jointly and severally liable together with the registrant. NIC Argentina will only register the domain name indicated by the registrant and/or applicant.

The fact that NIC Argentina registers a domain name in favour of a registrant does not imply that assumes any responsibility for the legitimacy of that registration or the use of the domain name by the registrant. NIC Argentina is not responsible for a registration, so it must not evaluate if the registration or use of a domain name violates any rights of third parties. NIC Argentina does not accept any liability for disputes related to registered or non-registered trademarks or for any other dispute related to intellectual property.

A registrant and/or applicant applying for registration of a domain name on behalf of a natural or artificial person will declare under oath that he/she is authorized to carry out the registration transaction, and will be responsible for any mistake, falsehood or omission with respect to the information furnished to NIC Argentina. However, NIC Argentina may refuse or revoke a domain name if it refers to a renowned and famous natural or artificial public person in the case the registrant and/or applicant are unable to demonstrate, to NIC Argentina's satisfaction, that he/she is duly authorized by such person to apply.

The registrant and/or applicant, if they were different persons, must sign an affidavit stating that the registration and use of the requested domain name do not interfere or affect any rights of third parties.

The registrant and/or applicant, if different persons, must sign an affidavit stating that the domain name register is not requested for an illegal purpose or violates any legislation, and that all the details submitted are true, and that no information that NIC Argentina could have considered essential to accept the domain name application has been concealed or omitted. Also, the registrant and/or applicant, undertakes to immediately inform NIC Argentina of any modification in the details. Violation of this rule will allow NIC Argentina to reject the application or immediately cancel the domain name registered.

When a person notifies that the information provided in the domain name register application is inaccurate, NIC Argentina will take the appropriate steps to investigate the supposed inaccuracy. In the case the information provided is proved to be inaccurate, NIC Argentina will take the appropriate steps to correct the inaccuracy if the inaccuracy has not violated any rule, which in this case NIC Argentina will refuse the application or revoke the domain name.

NIC Argentina may revoke registration of a domain name when deemed convenient for technical or service reasons and will notify the registrant by e-mail. If revocation is made by judicial order it will become effective at the time established in the order.

NIC Argentina will not be is not responsible for any business interruption, or for any the damage or loss caused to the registrant and/or applicant as a result of registration being refused, revoked or lost.

The registrant and the applicant must fully commit themselves not to make NIC Argentina responsible for any damage and/or loss which they could directly or indirectly suffer for the registration or the use of the domain name.

The registrant and/or applicant recognize/s that it is technically impossible to provide error-free service and that NIC Argentina cannot assume any commitments in that regard.


Only the registrant of a domain name may transfer it to another natural or artificial person if such person fulfils the conditions and the requirements established in this regulation and in the electronic transfer form.
For this purpose, the public or private transfer document should be previously delivered. The signatures should be certified by a notary public, stating that "The person making the transfer is the actual registering entity, whether a natural or artificial person." In this case the notary public will state that the act is carried out through his/her legal representative. For this purpose, the legal representative should give evidence to the acting notary public of its capacity to act as legal representative of the registering entity and of it being duly authorized to carry out the operation to which the certifying notary public will attest and certify. The transfer document should include the D.N.I., C.U.I.T or C.U.I.L numbers, as applicable, of the entity transferring the domain and of the new registering entity."

The transfer will take place after the registering entity submits a cancellation application due to transfer through the contact established for the domain name and after the new registering entity subsequently submits a transfer registration application due to transfer.
Registration through transfer will operate as the registration of a new domain name for all purposes.
The Document and/or C.U.I.T. or C.U.I.L. number/s must be provided.


Certificates of Amendment of Regulations

Number 1 - 29 AUG 2000
Number 2 - 08 SEP 2000
Number 3 - 29 OCT 2001