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If you are a member of the travel industry, you should be interested in the registration of this domain, as consumers and experts will also look for your offer at .travel, as soon as this domain exists.

The travel-domain will be the online community for the travel and tourism industry. The travel registry Tralliance plans to expand and strengthen that community through on-going outreach program by recruiting members for The Travel Partnership Corporation and through broad-based programs to involve the community in policy development.

Tralliance will offer every registrant a listing in the .travel Directory as part of the standard services included with a .travel domain name. Among its many benefits, the most valuable will be to match buyers and sellers of travel products and services. The directory will be a global online source of travel data organized according to a unique vocabulary developed for the travel industry by Tralliance and supported by a world-leader in cataloguing and search. The .travel Directory will allow a user to search from over 1400 relevant categories covering all facets of travel including: Destinations, Accommodation, Activities, Transportation and Travel Services. This directory will be a first for the domain name world, differentiating .travel -- from all other TLDs.

The .travel Directory will be the first value-added service from .travel Registry , demonstrating Tralliance’s technology leadership. The aim of a sponsored TLD is enhancement of a defined community on the Internet. Tralliance plans to deliver an array of new products and services, building on its unique industry directory services and industry authentication, to support brand and identity growth, e-commerce, and domain name value and flexibility.

What is pre-authentication?
As .travel is an exclusive domain, you must prove, that you belong to the international travel industry. All potential holders of a .travel name must be approved to hold that name by having their eligibility reviewed. That review of eligibility is called “authentication”. Tralliance and we as travel-Registrar are giving members of selected travel associations the chance to have their authentication reviewed by their association and others to have their authentication reviewed by third party authentication providers, prior to registration. Pre-authentication will speed the registration of a name when .travel begins to take name registrations later in 2005.
How will .travel know that I’ve been pre-authenticated? All pre-authentication will be confirmed by .travel. You will be sent a Unique Identifying Number (UIN) by .travel. You will use that number when you register any .travel names in the future. Your UIN is permanent and will not change. It may be revoked if your eligibility changes.

You look at the member list of the TTPC , if one organization, in which you are a member, is listed there. If yes, then you contact your organization in order to approve you and to get the UIN. Then you return to this page and register the domain with the UIN. The pre-authentication process is not the registration of the travel-domain. Without registration the pre-authentication is worthless.

D&B designated as third-party authenticator
If you do not find your organization at the list, do not be disappointed.
During the pre-authentication period, all travel industry businesses and organizations that are not members of an authenticating travel association will be able to complete their authentication for .travel eligibility if they hold a D-U-N-S Number. This pre-authentication program is anticipated to commence on or about August 1, 2005. During this period, D&B will validate eligibility of D-U-N-S Number Holders as part of the .travel authentication program. In order to register for a D-U-N-S Number, please log on to D&B. If you plan to apply to register a .travel name that is based on your trade name, doing-business-as name, trademark or service mark or any other name to which you have a claim, you will be required to send a supporting document to D&B that confirms your use of that name. You will be informed of how to send the document when you initiate the authentication application. On or about August 1, just log on to www.tralliance.info/duns.htm to begin the authentication process.
Once you have the DUNS Number, please log on to http://www.authentication.travel/index.jsp?ap=db and start the authentication process. If you need assistance with regard to authentication process please log on to http://www.tralliance.info/docs/PreAuthGuideV3.pdf

After successful authentication you will receive a confirmed Unique Identification Number (UIN) and a Names List with which you should contact secura@domainregistry.de right away. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Only a .travel registrar can register the name that you are eligible to hold and contacting Secura immediately is important once you have finished your pre-authentication.

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